Import and transfer NFTs

Cross-chain transfer an NFT with zkBridge at

1. Import an NFT into zkBridge

1.1 Import with URI

parameters for zkBridge auto-import URI:

  1. source chain ID(e.g., BNB Smart Chain: 56)

  2. NFT contract address

  3. NFT Token ID

zkBridge NFT auto-import URI format:[NFT Contract Address]&tokenId=[Token ID]&chainId=[source chain ID]

For example: Imports the NFT on BNB Chain whose contract address is 0x87a218Ae43C136B3148A45EA1A282517794002c8 and token ID is 1146910

*Note: You may only import the NFT owned by your wallet address

1.2 Import using "My NFT"

  1. Select the sender chain

  2. Click on the "Import my NFT" button

  3. Choose form the list that pops up.

2. Select Receiver Blockchain

  1. From the drop-down list choose the desired receiver chain.

  2. Input the desired receiver address

3. Transfer

  1. Approve token

  2. Trigger Cross-chain Transfer

4. Complete

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