Concluding remarks

Through the implementation of proving the Ethereum full nodes, Polyhedra Network enables fully trustless, efficient, and secure interoperability using zkBridge, to connect Ethereum ecosystems (both L1 and L2s) with other networks.

zkBridge is the first trustless, efficient, secure, and universal cross-chain bridge with advanced zero-knowledge proof technology. zkBridge uses zero-knowledge proofs to efficiently convince the receiver chain that a certain state transition happened on the sender chain. With zero-knowledge proofs, zkBridge offers both strong security and a significant reduction in on-chain verification cost, without relying on external assumptions.

Furthermore, zkBridge also allows transmission of current and historical Ethereum data, including the blockheader and transaction data, to be accessible by any other blockchain ecosystems and applications. This will enable any smart contract on any blockchain to trustlessly access Ethereum data and compute on top of the Ethereum data. All the security will be guaranteed by proving Ethereum PoS full nodes by using the efficient proof system of zkBridge.

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