• Proving the full node of Ethereum PoS is essential for building zkBridge and any interoperability protocols on Ethereum. Sync committee is insufficient for these purposes because the crypto-economic security of the sync committee is also far from ideal. Any cross-chain infrastructures, oracles, and data processing services relying on the sync committee on Ethereum would be insecure.

  • Polyhedra Network has designed and implemented the zkBridge system to prove the full nodes for Ethereum PoS. zkBridge uses its novel and efficient proof system, deVirgo, to prove the full nodes of Ethereum PoS. The prover time is as fast as 10 seconds for each Ethereum block, which may contain more than 32768 BLS signatures, on two AMD EPYC™ 7763 CPUs. GPU acceleration is planned in the near future, which can lower the up-front cost for better decentralization. The proof system is efficient enough to catch up with the block time of Ethereum.

  • The implementation of proving Ethereum full nodes in ZK will enable fully trustless, efficient, and secure interoperability using zkBridge, to connect Ethereum ecosystems (both Ethereum L1 and L2s) with other networks. zkBridge also allows transmission of all the current and historical Ethereum data to be accessible by any other blockchain networks and any on-chain or off-chain applications. This will enable any smart contract on any blockchain to trustlessly access Ethereum data to make any kind of computing logic on top of it, and the security is all guaranteed by Ethereum PoS full nodes.

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