System design for proving Ethereum full consensus

In order to rectify these issues, we have decided to get rid of the sync committee and utilize the full PoS consensus of the Ethereum blockchain, which has been deployed since the merge. This will incorporate more than 20,000 signatures (a 40-fold increase from the 512 sync committee) within a single block on Ethereum mainnet.

To manage the 40-times increase in workload, we have employed our unique proof system — deVirgo. This system boasts unrivaled processing capabilities, thanks to its theoretical enhancements and significant engineering advancements. deVirgo protocol theoretically eliminates the need for very large FFT or MSM, making the proof generation linear time to the number of signatures. The protocol has been deployed on zkBridge and supports parallel and distributed computation.

Experiments on the proof system with a billion-size circuit revealed a proof generation time of less than 10 seconds, which matches the pace of Ethereum block generation, without increasing the proof size or verification time.

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