LayerZero UA Configuration

To configure zkLightClient as the oracle using LayerZero UA, your application needs to modify the default oracle of the L0 Endpoint.

You can use the following code in ILayerZeroEndpoint to set the zkLightClient oracle.

// Remember to call this piece of code in ILayerZeroEndpoint on both the sender chain and receiver chain to set up zkLightClient as the oracle.

* @param dstChainId - the destination chain identifier

* @param zkLightClient - the ZkLightClient address


function setOracle(uint16 dstChainId, address zkLightClient) external {

    uint256 TYPE_ORACLE = 6;








Important: Please remember to set it in both the application of the sender chain and the application of the receiver chain to make sure the message is correctly delivered.

For more information, check out the tutorial here.

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